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Kanilea Lewa Lani fountain pen, Classic profile, 14k gold-plated sterling silver medallion, and 18k gold nib

Lewa Lani Fountain Pen

Lewa Lani (LAY-vah LAH-nee); highest stratum of the heavens Standing at the overlook at Kauai's northernmost point, the Milky Way is almost within reach. The proud lighthouse guards steep, plunging cliffs and glows bright under an endless canopy of...
Kanilea Manta fountain pen, Classic Slim profile, 14k gold-plated medallion, and 18k gold nib, posted

Manta Fountain Pen

Every evening the manta rays arrive, drawn to the lights at Kauna’oa Beach. The gentle giants glide past silently, glowing in the luminous green water. Each Kanilea pen is unique in color and pattern because our pens are handmade and our acrylic...
Kanilea Honokalani fountain pen, Classic Slim profile, 14k gold-plated medallion, and 18k gold nib, posted

Honokalani Fountain Pen

Honokalani (ho-no-kah-LAH-nee); harbor of the chief Maui’s winding road to Hana takes you past a small, sheltered bay called Honokalani. Clear blue water swirls in beautiful contrast to the glistening black sand. We sit in sun-drenched bliss,...
Kanilea Kona Snow fountain pen, Classic Pinched profile, rose gold medallion, and rose gold-plated 18k gold nib

Kona Snow Fountain Pen

Snow appears on the Big Island for a few days every spring, blanketing Kona's coffee plants in fragrant, white blossoms. Soon flowers turn to green berries, hinting at the delicious promise to come. Each Kanilea pen is unique in color and pattern...
Kanilea Kona Cherry fountain pen, Classic Slim profile, rose gold medallion, and rose gold-plated steel nib

Kona Cherry Fountain Pen

Sunny mornings on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa give way to cooler, misty afternoons. Rich, volcanic soil nurtures the coffee planted there, and only the reddest and ripest cherry is handpicked for roasting. Cherry; red, ripe coffee beans Each...
Kanilea Aolani fountain pen, Classic Slim profile, sterling silver medallion, and Rhodium-plated 18k gold nib

Aolani Fountain Pen

Like a luminous blanket, moody morning clouds float between the crater and the heavens above. We drink in the moment, cradling hot Kona and contemplating the fading stars. Aolani (ay-oh-LAH-nee); heavenly clouds Each Kanilea pen is unique in color and...
Kanilea Kilauea fountain pen, Classic profile, Argentium Silver clip

Kilauea Fountain Pen

Fiery and glowing, lava flows in yellow and orange rivers from this still-erupting volcano. Hissing as it meets the cooler ocean waters, and hardening dark and ashy, it expands the Big Island's reach inch by inch. Kilauea (kee-la-WAY-ah); much...
Kanilea Gecko in the Classic Pinched profile with sterling silver medallion

Gecko Fountain Pen

Is the little gecko the living embodiment of the mo'o—the giant, mythical Hawaiian lizards? These brightly colored creatures, found throughout Hawaii, are thought as good luck and welcomed into homes with sweet treats like jelly and honey. Each...
Kanilea Kahakai fountain pen, Classic Flush profile, 14k gold-plated sterling silver medallion

Kahakai Fountain Pen

Crystalline blue waters swirl over the sand on the beach. A honu (turtle) swims gracefully in the coral reef, looking for sustenance. The deep blue moana beckons you to swim in its cooler waters and you oblige, losing yourself in the rhythm of the waves...
Pahoehoe Fountain Pen

Pahoehoe Fountain Pen

Pahoehoe lava can't be simply called "brown." It's espresso and chocolate and burnt sienna and cardamom. And when you first see it nestled against the magnificent blue ocean, you wonder if there can be anything more beautiful.  Pahoehoe...
Kanilea Kohala Sunset in the Classic Flush profile with Argentium Silver medallion

Kohala Sunset Fountain Pen

Every evening on the Big Island's Kohala Coast, the sun melts along the horizon and orange rivulets trickle into deep indigo waters. Stars begin to sparkle in the deepening sky above, catching fire from the molten setting sun. Kohala (Ko-HA-la); the...