Kanilea Pen Co.—we thoughtfully design and meticulously handcraft our writing instruments to express Hawaii's earth-bound paradise, both in physical location and state of mind. We are the first to capture this essence within fine writing instruments.

Here at Kanilea, we design and handcraft our fountain and ballpoint pens with our own custom-blended colors, using precious metal clips and medallions, to make every pen a unique creation. Each pen has been designed from our personal experiences while visiting the Hawaiian Islands, and represents a particular location or element of nature we encountered.

Kanilea (ka-nee-LAY-ah) means “joyful sound” in Hawaiian, which reflects our purpose and passion. We feel joyful when visiting the Hawaiian Islands because they recharge our spirit and connect us with the elements of nature. We feel the aloha spirit—joyful sharing of life energy—in warm trade winds, molten sunsets, big blue waves, and little green geckos.

We got our start while searching for a way to gather and direct our mana—the life energy flowing through us—in a more meaningful way. To complement our love of writing instruments, we began handcrafting fountain and ballpoint pens that are lasting in quality and function, with vibrant colors that convey a special meaning and feeling to the writer each time they are used.

It is important to us to live pono, making a conscious decision to do the right thing for the environment, others, and ourselves. Each year, Kanilea donates to Hawaiian-based groups that support the Hawaiian environment, its native culture, and its people. And, the packaging included with every pen is meant to be reused, repurposed, or recycled. For example, the Keepsake Box can store the pen or other treasures, and the seeded paper band surrounding it can be planted to grow wildflowers.

Kanilea Pen Co. is ‘ohana—family. We are 'ohana-owned and operated on the U.S. mainland, and we share a common bond in our love of Hawaii and of beautiful writing instruments. We invite you to become part of the Kanilea ‘ohana and experience the Hawaiian Islands through our Kanilea collection of Locations and Elements. No matter how distantly related, we are ‘ohana nui—extended family—and you are always welcome at Kanilea.