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Kanilea Lewa Lani ballpoint pen with Argentium Silver medallion

Lewa Lani Ballpoint Pen

Lewa Lani (LAY-vah LAH-nee); highest stratum of the heavens Standing at the overlook at Kauai's northernmost point, the Milky Way is almost within reach. The proud lighthouse guards steep, plunging cliffs and glows bright under an endless canopy of...
Kanilea Manta ballpoint pen, Classic profile, sterling silver medallion

Manta Ballpoint Pen

Every evening the manta rays arrive, drawn to the lights at Kauna’oa Beach. The gentle giants glide past silently, glowing in the luminous green water. Each Kanilea pen is unique in color and pattern because our pens are handmade and our acrylic...
Kanilea Honokalani ballpoint pen, Classic profile, sterling silver medallion

Honokalani Ballpoint Pen

Honokalani (ho-no-kah-LAH-nee); harbor of the chief Maui’s winding road to Hana takes you past a small, sheltered bay called Honokalani. Clear blue water swirls in beautiful contrast to the glistening black sand. We sit in sun-drenched bliss,...