istock-825319778-smsts.jpgKai Huli in the Hawaiian language means "a sea that dashes and recedes"—the ocean waves roll up and over the sand and then pull back again, leaving new treasures on the shore each time.

Kai Huli is an ever-changing collection of fountain pens that we have created to represent the varied and beautiful colors and textures of the Hawaiian Islands. We were inspired to create Kai Huli because we love dawn walks on the beach; the fun of finding the treasures left on the sand overnight and the mystery of what will show up on the beach tomorrow.

The Kai Huli Collection is available exclusively at pen shows—the fountain pens in this collection cannot be ordered through the Kanilea web store. Each morning, pen show attendees can stop by the Kanilea tables to see the assortment of Kai Huli pens that "the tide brought in" overnight.

Like other Kanilea pens, Kai Huli are one-of-a-kind creations and are enclosed within the black walnut keepsake box along with the inspirational photo insert and are adorned with our precious metal hibiscus medallions. And, as with all Kanilea pens, Hugh smooths and tunes each nib to write beautifully, right at the pen show.

Each Kai Huli fountain pen is $395 (JoWo #6 steel nib) with 18k nibs available at an additional cost.