Kilauea Kai Mau Loa Fountain Pen

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Rivers of fiery, molten lava scorch a path across the land and flow into the sea, sending up a think, gray haze. Kilauea, home to Pele—creator and destroyer—expands the Big Island even as it lays waste.

Kilauea (kee-lah-WAY-ah); much spreading
Kai; sea
Mau (MAH-oo) Loa (LOH-ah); endless, forever, eternal

Each Kanilea pen is unique in color and pattern because our pens are handmade and our acrylic material is hand-poured. The pattern of Kilauea Kai varies from pen to pen and from our online photos. Make your selection above to let us know if you'd prefer your pen to be an equal proportion of colors, more hot lava (deep orange with some gray, black), or more cool haze (gray, black with some deep orange). Your Kilauea Kai Mau Loa will be uniquely yours—no one will have one just like it, and that makes every Kanilea very special. 

Kilauea Kai Mau Loa is created with a wide, handmade Argentium Silver band featuring a circle of continuous, flowing waves. Our Mau Loa band represents the endless waves of the ocean, the life-sustaining force the ocean provides, and the interconnectedness of all living creatures in the sea and on land. It expresses the aloha woven into all Kanilea pens.

Read about the items included with your pen. Additionally, we offer Kilauea Kai, which is created without our Mau Loa band.

Once we receive your order, we'll contact you with an estimated completion date.*

*Completion is approx. 16 weeks.

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