Mauna Kea Fountain Pen

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The Big Island's towering volcano draws your eye up its lava-brown ridges and streaks snow to its pearlescent peak. Cold and rugged, Mauna Kea beckons you to climb, reach out and touch the Milky Way above. 

Mauna Kea (MAO-nah KAY-ah) or Mauna a Wakea; mountain of the sky father

Each Mauna Kea pen is unique in color and pattern because our pens are handmade, and because our acrylic material is hand-poured, one at a time. As the colors of lava and snow vary in nature, the “lava” and “snow” of the Mauna Kea will vary slightly from pen to pen and from our online photos. Your pen will be uniquely yours—no one will have one just like it, and that makes every Kanilea pen very special.

Once we receive your order for the Mauna Kea, we will contact you with an estimated delivery date.*

*Delivery is currently 10–14 weeks.

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