Kohala Sunset Fountain Pen

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Every evening on the Big Island's Kohala Coast, the sun melts along the horizon and orange rivulets trickle into deep indigo waters. Stars begin to sparkle in the deepening sky above, catching fire from the molten setting sun.

Kohala (Ko-HA-la); the northwest side of Hawai'i Island ("Big Island")

Each Kohala Sunset pen is unique in color and pattern because our pens are handmade, and because our acrylic material is hand-poured, one at a time. As the color of every sunset varies in nature, the “sky,” "sun" and “ocean” of the Kolala Sunset will vary slightly from pen to pen and from our online photos. Your pen will be uniquely yours—no one will have one just like it, and that makes every Kanilea pen very special.

Once we receive your order for the Kohala Sunset, we will contact you with an estimated delivery date.*

*Delivery is currently 10–14 weeks.

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