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Hanauma Bay Ballpoint Pen

Bathed in the golden light of sunrise, a dawn gathering of ancient lawai’a (fishermen) glide quietly through aquamarine waters, slowly leaving the shelter of the bay, oars sweeping them toward Molokai. Hanauma (ha-NOW-ma; hana=bay, uma=a...

Kilauea Ballpoint Pen

Fiery and glowing, lava flows in yellow and orange rivers from this still-erupting volcano. Hissing as it meets the cooler ocean waters, and hardening dark and ashy, it expands the Big Island's reach inch by inch. Kilauea (kee-la-WAY-ah); much...

Kona Cherry Ballpoint Pen

Sunny mornings on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa give way to cooler, misty afternoons. Rich, volcanic soil nurtures the coffee planted there, and only the reddest and ripest cherry is handpicked for roasting. Cherry; red, ripe coffee beans Each...